Fantage Hacks

I AM Extremely sorry but the website is closed as i have left fantagee…!!!

if you have Any queries contact mee but it should not be about fantagee…

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925 comments on “Fantage Hacks

  1. Tala7357 says:

    hi i want fantage hack beta and fantage mega hack but i cant downlowd it i tryed it again and repard the downlowd what do i do 😦

  2. maria says:

    Do These work ?

  3. sookiecookie says:


  4. M!Z0 says:

    can u do mine too ? my fantage username is mazen51

  5. Haneen says:

    I want to dowanload it but i can’t!!!! 😥

  6. jannett456 says:

    does this work on any kind of computer?

  7. Caroline says:

    I did the ecoin generation ~ it told me to wait for 1 hour hmm Imma see if it wprks anyway thnx !!

  8. mazen says:

    dude , i made fantage mega hack and didn’t play for 24 hours and nothing happened!

  9. jhhkhhkk says:

    I’m using the Mega Hack, Yesterday morning I tried it then this morning It wasn’t there Is there any easier hacks that are immeadiate?

  10. Louise Brito says:

    i cant get my ecoins im using the Fantage E-coin Generator 0.1 help me!!!!!

  11. vicky says:

    How do we use the log in i put my info but it wont work

  12. vicky says:

    And i dont know what an ip is

  13. fantagemem455454 says:

    do not work bitchs

  14. kira says:

    Hey can you try to get me ecoins?

  15. Louise Brito says:

    -.- why do you ppl put hacks that dont work

  16. Louise Brito says:

    😦 😦 none work now ill never be a mem on my account

    • gogomukmuk says:

      oh boo hoo hoo . . . its ok its still fun without a membership
      but yeah . . . its pretty annoying when ppl post fake hacks

  17. deyanirasoto96 says:

    can you do mine my username is deyanirasoto96 please

  18. Rose says:

    The fantage hacks don’t work coz i downloaded them all and they dont work

  19. xaznx123 says:

    Fantage hack beta 2011 has a virus. Just saying well that’s wat my antivirus says.

  20. If you using my user please use one of the hacks to get my membership
    type this when you doing that:
    membership: 12 months and 70,000
    ecoins: 70,000
    Please do it for me! If you want to use my user again, please extend my membership with one of the fantage hacks.
    If you want to do it now, go ahead.

  21. kisoong says:

    plz me too do for me here is the account:
    i hope u do…..

  22. chelsea says:

    how do wee download

  23. kisoong says:

    um plz make this accounts member:

  24. Sarah Mays says:

    why doesnt fantage mega hack work????

  25. Christina Layn says:

    I’m using fantage ecoin generator 0.1 I waited but nothing happened pls help me do it user:k0rra pass:0987890

  26. Christina Layn says:

    On and help me get 50000 ecoins and 12 month membership

  27. sophie_4_ever6 says:



  28. civicprincessandyouthstarrock! says:

    Yea..umm i tried and it worked for one or to days plz give me a link or something

  29. Selii says:

    For E-Coin Generator 0.1, when you put your user and pass, press log in… I learned that the hard way lolzz

  30. lucky5171 says:

    Does anyone goes on the account lucky5171 cause please stop cause it’s my account….

  31. Doownload “Fantage Generator Hack 0.4”

  32. Raydelin says:

    Do these even work?Im trying the mega hack,but i still have like,12 more hours of waiting.

  33. Lijun says:

    I can’t download it on my computer! I tried another computer and it doesn’t work still Pls help me do it. I’ll give you my username and password. Im alreaddy a member and have some ecoins because i bought it but pls help me.
    Username : lijun22
    Password : ljquek1608
    I want 70 000 or 140 000 ecoins pls
    and maybe12 months membership?
    Dont change the password! I can change it back you know.

  34. Lijun says:

    And i want u to use the fantage beta hack 2011 also i want 20 000 starz and level 700 plzz help

  35. hi i want the mega hack but it dont work.can the hack works on dell computer
    i really need a reply who knows

  36. plz reply me plz i need help because it always said try again when i run it plz replay fasteri really realy need a halp whom some body who knows

  37. says:

    What do you do when it says wait for 1 hour?

  38. jahk says:

    hi im having trouble

  39. ashley says:

    everyone i sware to NEVER EVER EVER do ANYTHING to your account! 🙂

  40. ashley says:

    idk why mine computer lets me download thing but not a lot of people 😦

  41. 103455 says:

    i cant get any downloads, so what should i do.

  42. ghfyusn says:

    hey it wont let me download it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. kristina says:

    ghfyusn is not my name i just typed in anything my name is kristina

  44. Paris_4eva says:

    Hello! Please help me make my account a member cuz I dont wanna get virus and stuff so can u guyz do it FOR meh?


    Member for 1 year and if possible then 2 years
    10000 Ecoins


  45. Leah :) says:

    I tried to download beta hack… it dont worked, then i searched in google and i just found a virus!!!
    Lucky. nothing happened :3 They didn’t attack my computer. By the way: how i can download Fantage Hack Beta (the blue one where u can change name and gender) On Acer Windows xp?

  46. Leah :) says:

    If u have Fantage hack beta on ur computer. the blue one… make me staff, and change my name to xDreamziix. and do super fast server, then go on Fantage Hack Beta 2011 and click premium member, where it says starz, type in 9000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.
    where it says ecoins type in 90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    and where it says level type in 5000. and click OK. Please do it for me….

  47. Leah :) says:


  48. Phuong Nguyen says:

    I wanna have 12 months membership and 70,000 ecoins but somehow the maga hack didn’t work. Please do it for me!

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