Fantage Accounts

I AM Extremely sorry but the website is closed as i have left fantagee…!!!

if you have Any queries contact mee but it should not be about fantagee…

facebook account :




902 comments on “Fantage Accounts

  1. fakhra says:

    I know right lolz !?!? XD

  2. ruma15 says:


  3. ruma15 says:

    hi all can anyone give me her member password

  4. maria says:

    username;candybomb887906 password;iluvcandydontyou887902

  5. koolcat says:

    i have an account i want to give away
    user: rockstar_0987
    pass: rockstar88
    again plzzz dont ban

  6. jrtghfgh says:

    want a rare account shes mine dont EVER ban



    yes im lieing

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